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Breaking Free Summit

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Check out the Breaking Free Virtual Summit website for a complete list of speakers, summit schedule and FAQs.

Breaking Free Summit Website 


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1.    Humbled to be invited to share the virtual stage with these 40+ incredible experts at the Breaking Free Virtual Summit: [Your Affiliate Link]

2.    If I wasn’t speaking at this event already, I’d be attending it. Can’t wait! [Your Affiliate Link]

3.    Breaking Free Sexual Integrity Summit is running Dec. 10-19. I’ve been invited to join these 40+ expert speakers: [Your Affiliate Link]

4.    Who else will be attending the Breaking Free Sexual Integrity Summit on Dec. 10-19? [Your Affiliate Link]

5.    No more guilt or shame. That’s why I’m speaking at this virtual summit: [Your Affiliate Link]

Long copy #1:

Freedom from the consequences of habitual sexual sin is possible.

I believe this issue is the single greatest issue facing the Church which is why I'm proud to be a part of this groundbreaking event.

I’ve been invited to share my story and solutions, alongside 40+ incredible experts, at the Breaking Free Sexual Integrity Virtual Summit.

It promises to be a great event – and I think there’ll be a huge amount of value for you. Regardless, if you're the one who struggles or you're someone who is looking for resources to help a loved one who struggles, this summit is for you.

Best of all, it’s free to attend, and you can attend from home on your computer or smart phone.

If you’re interested, here are full event details: [Your Affiliate Link]

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